Believe in something bigger than yourself. What are your values? Incorporating beliefs into all you do makes achieving goals easier.

This relates to the relationship between individuals and whomever or whatever they consider a high power. The Supreme Being is known by many names, but most people on the planet believe in God. Also, most religions share some form of the Golden Rule and agree with Aristotle and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., that the “purpose of life is to serve others and do good.” Even those who do not believe in God believe in something beyond themselves, and think there is an order to the universe. Albert Einstein wrote, “Only a life lived for others is worthwhile.” Those persons who have come to terms with this question are inevitably more at peace and in a better position to handle the exigencies and vicissitudes of life. They are also more productive, more creative and more resilient. From the corporate point of view, these questions become; What are the corporate values? What is the central purpose of the organization? To what extent does the corporation live up to its values? To what extent does it fulfill its public purpose? The CEO Leadership School speakers will describe the importance of managing not in terms of the short-term bottom line but in concert with top-of-the-line values. The most successful corporations such as Nordstrom, Southwest Airlines, Ritz-Carlton and Starbucks are tied together by the fact that they have adapted the Golden Rule as their central business tenet.


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