Lend a hand. Find a way to give back – to your family, community, world.

For individuals, this has to do with personal attitudes. Are people basically optimistic or pessimistic? Do they see the glass of life as half full or half empty? The literature is replete with studies that show positive expectations yield positive results. Henry Ford said it best: “Believe you can or believe you can’t — either way you will be right.” Speakers at the CEO Leadership School will share their experience about this form of positive thinking reinforced by action. From the corporation’s point of view, this is about shaping a can-do corporate culture. It involves persuading individuals to think and act like a team that believes working together in the spirit of excellence can accomplish pretty much anything at all. Speakers will show how to build on the accomplishments of the team’s most positive members, and play on the strengths of all employees. This sometimes involves removing individuals who are negative or toxic. They are the ones who bring others down rather than inspire them and lift them up to peak performance.