Learn as much as you can. Learning and reading stimulate and improve the mind. Education doesn’t end at school it’s a lifelong process.

Individuals must work hard all their lives to increase their intellectual capital. Learning is not something that only happens in school but is a lifelong quest. Learning habits must be ingrained and reinforced. Mike Vance, the first Dean of Disney University, recommends that leaders read at least 300 books a year. In addition, he recommends reading multiple magazine, newspapers and websites. Attending seminars and workshops is also important. So is meeting others and listening to lectures. For corporations, intellectual equity means recruiting bright people and instituting procedures to retain them. It means promulgating policies that help employees to learn, sharpen their skills and broaden their horizons. In a very real sense, the true wealth of any organization is found in its people. Disney is one corporation which goes to great lengths to care for its employees, believing that it is the best investment they can make in customer service.