Dick Grace

Our task is to raise consciousness to help our fellow man.

Dick Grace left behind a successful career as a stockbroker 30 years ago to establish Grace Family Vineyards. His goal was not retirement or a life of ease, but entrepreneurial philanthropy. His high-quality wines have produced substantial profits, which go to help the world’s ill, homeless, and abused. Some of the neediest are in Asia, as Dick saw after touring the most remote areas of the East. He responded by building hospitals and schools, but his philanthropy is not just about money. Each year, he goes to Nepal, where he volunteers in one of Mother Teresa’s hospices. These trips also give him a chance to talk with local people so he can make strategic donations. Thus far, he has donated over $25 million to bridge the gap between haves and have-nots, and the satisfaction this gives him has made him see the true purpose of life.