Isabelle and Katherine Adams

“If you give a lot you will get more than you give.”

“Every 15 seconds a child dies because they don’t have clean water,” Isabelle says. She learned this fact from a YouTube video she and her sister Katherine watched three years ago. Both of them were moved as the video showed the plight of rural, third-world people whose only source of water is polluted and many miles away. Thankfully, many of them don’t have to walk so far for water because of the sisters’ project, Paper for Water. Since 2011, they’ve raised $400,000 for 50 wells in the developing world — all by making and selling origami. It’s meant a flurry of folding, but these small pieces of paper have a big impact on both the girls and those they help. “If you give a lot,” Isabelle knows, “you will get more than you give.”