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Senator Ron Wyden

Advocate on the Vital Role of Home Care and Hospice in American Healthcare

Whether he’s taking on powerful interests, listening to constituents at one of his famous town hall meetings or standing up for Oregonians on the floor of the U.S. Senate, Ron Wyden is an effective leader on the issues that matter most.  As the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel recently put it: “He’s best described as a wonk, a workhorse, a doer.”

Oregonians know Ron as a senator who listens.  Always citing the need to “throw open the doors of government for Oregonians,” he holds an open-to-all town hall meeting in each of Oregon’s 36 counties each year.  Thus far he has held more than 600 meetings.  Wyden’s dedication to hearing all sides of an issue and looking for common sense, nonpartisan solutions has won him trust on both sides of the aisle and put him at the heart of nearly every debate.   In 2011, the Almanac of American Politics described Wyden as having “displayed a genius for coming up with sensible-sounding ideas no one else had thought of and making the counter-intuitive political alliances that prove helpful in passing bills.”  The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein wrote: “The country has problems.  And Ron Wyden has comprehensive, bipartisan proposals for fixing them.”

Wyden believes the nation’s biggest challenges can only be solved by what he calls “principled bipartisanship,” solutions that allow all parties to stay true to their respective principles and celebrate agreements.  Following that approach has helped him author more than 150 bipartisan bills and assemble unprecedented bipartisan coalitions on issues such as health care, infrastructure and tax reform.

Senator Wyden says “The Senate Finance and Budget Committee is where the entire legislative process begins and I intend to fight against needless cuts that threaten the vitally important work that you do in Home Care & Hospice.”