John Wooden

“You should never try to be better than anyone else. You should keep learning from others, and you should always try to be the best you can be.”

John Wooden is well known as the coach of the UCLA basketball team that won an unimaginable 10 national titles. Some years he did this with great talent, and other years with average talent. The secret to his success, he explains, is that he lived his life according to the Golden Rule, and he inspired – even insisted – that those who played for him do the same. In short, he took caring to a high art in the countless hours he spent on the court. It was not something he had to think about consciously; it was just part of who he was. This instruction to his teams was only minimally about basketball. In the main, it was about how to succeed as a human being and score in the game of life. It’s a lesson he gives the world as the author of nine books and an expert on leadership.