Inaugaral Class of the Home Care & Hospice Hall of Fame


“I guess I’m supposed to dance,” said NAHC Chairman of the Board Andrea Devoti on Monday morning. “It’s a little early for that,” but there was cause to rejoice. “We are going to announce the first 30 members of the Home Care & Hospice Hall of Fame.” And with those words, Devoti stepped to the side of the stage as NAHC members watched a film in which the 30 inductees were shown against a serene background of space and stars. Afterward, Devoti asked the Hall of Fame members who were present to join her on the stage. “I’ll ask for a round of applause,” she laughed, “though it sounds odd because I’m one of them.” “She and the other honorees have distinguished themselves,” said NAHC President Val J. Halamandaris, “by fighting on behalf of the aged, ill, and disabled. They have strived to ensure that every person, no matter their age, income, or health, has the right to enjoy the freedoms reserved for all Americans in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This includes the right to receive care in their homes and die there with dignity.” It is a right that NAHC, too, has strived to preserve, Halamandaris added. “An association, like a nation, is who it honors. The 30 people who have been named honor us by the quality of their lives and their service to others. They are wonderful role models, whose example will inspire generations yet unborn to lead a life of caring and public service.”