Halamandaris Praises Simione Healthcare Consultants on 50th Anniversary

Val J. Halamandaris, President of the National Association for Homecare & Hospice (NAHC) today praised Simione Healthcare Consultants who are celebrating their 50th anniversary this weekend.

“I know I speak for all NAHC members in commending Simione Healthcare Consultants for the wonderful job they have done not only helping clients but building the entire hospice and home health community. We celebrate their contributions over the past 50 years, and NAHC looks forward to working with them for the next 50 years and beyond,” said Halamandaris.

In a video tribute which aired beginning today on NAHC’s Homecare and Hospice television Network, Halamandaris recounted ten of the firm’s achievements while at the same time noting that others deserve and will receive praise as they reach similar import milestones.

l. They were the first accounting firm to specialize in helping Medicare participating homecare providers beginning in 1966.

2. They helped teach agencies how to comply with Medicare and, in particular, to fill out the cost reports which were required at the time carrying criminal penalties if they contained false information.

3. They helped develop the form of prospective payment which is in use at the present time and assisted agencies to make the transition allowing many to survive the so-called Interim Payment System.

4. As charter Members of NAHC, they have for 50 years been a consistent voice for a unified home care and hospice community.

5. They were the moving force behind the creation of NAHC’s Home Care and Hospice Financial Managers Association (HHFMA).

6. They put the interests of patients and providers ahead of their corporate interests. Through HHMFA they brought many of their competitors together and conducted research helping NAHC advance their studies to counter flawed data that sometimes was being used by CMS to promulgate regulations.

7. They have served on the Board of NAHC and its Government Affairs Committees helping to shape legislative and regulatory policy.

8. They volunteered to help many agencies who were struggling but could not afford the accounting or consulting services they needed.

9. They were among the largest financial supporters of industry events including particularly the NAHC Annual meeting.

10. They volunteered to run the industry unaffiliated  Homecare and Hospice Political Action and helped raise the money which allowed the industry to remain competitive along with larger industry in supporting candidates from both parties who supported homecare and hospice.